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BARTKRESA design is the premiere projection mapping studio that specializes in developing one-of-a-kind projection solutions throughout the world.

By combining timeless artistry, industry-leading projectors, and adhering to the highest technical standards, BARTKRESA design develops brilliantly immersive projection environments that give rise to amazing large-scale augmented realities.

The studio is led by Bart Kresa, Founder and Master Projection Designer with over 20 years of industry experience and unparalleled expertise in developing engaging projection experiences. Together with design teams from Japan and Poland their projection experiences have top awards from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. BKD’s clients include international corporations: Universal Studios, Disney, ABC, HBO, Fox Entertainment Group, General Motors, Warner Bros. Studios, T-Mobile, The Grammy Awards, Playboy, Oprah Winfrey, and Fredericks of Hollywood, Bulgari, and government bodies: CCTV China.

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Our process begins with a consultation to gain an understanding of the desired look & feel of the show or event. We take great efforts to cater each design into the architectural environment, while exclusively customizing the look and feel to match your needs.

No detail is too small, no project is too large; so whether your project requires 6 or 60 projectors, we are experts at integrating all the design and technologies necessary to provide an unparalleled experience. With our highly tailored 3D projection mapping, every visual design is built to be beautiful and flexible, while accommodating to your specific needs.



Our team is available to travel anywhere around the world to develop epic, once-in-a-lifetime projection experiences: whether it’s Asia, Europe, North America or the Middle East. We work with event designers, theme park directors, and bands popular live acts to help make their events feel even larger than life.
Let us know how BARTKRESA design can take your event, experience, or show to the next level. Contact us at your convenience.


San Francisco, California – 2015

Osaka, Japan – 2014/2015

Santa Monica, California - 2014

Client: Christie
Mumbai, India
May 2014

Los Angeles, California - 2013

Mumbai, India - 2013



Los Angeles, California – 2013

Los Angeles, California – 2007 thru 2014

Los Angeles, California – 2010

Santa Monica, California – 2010

Los Angeles, California – 2010

Hollywood, California – 2010

New York City, New York – 2010

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 2007

Charlottesville, Virginia – 2006

New York City, New York – 2005

Anaheim, California – 2003

Los Angeles, California – 2003

Los Angeles, California – 2002

Warsaw, Poland – 1998

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